Social media, marketing and event associate

What is the scope of the role

Our website has good content but no visitors. Can you change that? Would you accept a challenge to promote our business to thousands of potential clients? Then come forward.

We want you to drive a range of marketing messages towards potential clients, resulting in great leads. You will:

  • Use public tools to measure search ranking of our website
  • Inform management team of necessary changes to our website
  • Manage online marketing campaigns
  • Organise online and face to face promotional events - such as webcasts, seminars and training sessions
  • Keep track of events organised by selected competitors, associate organisations etc
  • Manage the queue of social medial posts - such as Twitter, Facebook, G+, YouTube, LinkedIn etc.
  • Develop and maintain successful relationship with media outlets related to our business

 This job is ideal for a self-managing, self-motivating individual who has a strong drive for perfection. Directly accountable to our management team, you will regularly update our marketing status, whilst maintaining communications with professionals in the vibrant cyber security industry. 

You can work from home or on the go and will be supplied the necessary IT equipment if you do not already have those tools. 

You will work as a self-employed team member, on a part-time basis, invoicing for hours worked. Being an essential part of our team, we also want to share our success and will discuss the finer details and opportunities with you before you start. 

We are equal opportunity employer and as such we only assess your ability to deliver as per our requirements. 

Why join us

We are an agile company with a great 'can-do' culture, a flexible way of working and promising career path. We believe in measuring success by results and client satisfaction rather than by number of hours spent on a particular task. We provide appropriate training in cyber security, new technologies, project management etc. We also sponsor professional security qualifications, such as CISSP , CSSLP and other relevant training. 

Skills & experience

The following skills and experience are essential to applying for this role:

  • High work ethics
  • Having knowledge of ECDL Digital marketing:
  • Base modules skills as per
  • Excellent graps of English language


We believe that a positive, need to 'get it right first time' attitude, and a willingness to learn is as important as the qualifications and experience you offer, hence we welcome evidence of such in your qualifications and academic history. However, we would not wish to deter candidates that have not been able, for whatever reason, to finish university or a relevant training course and certifications. 


At interview you will have an opportunity to prove yourself and convince us that you have the right mix of attitude, skills and experience, and the tenacity to be an integral part of our team. The interview will be an ideal opportunity or you to show us that you are the right candidate we are looking for.


A self-employed contract paying £12 per hour on part-time basis up to 20 hours per week, depending on work-load. As the company grows we expect this role to expand significantly.